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Home Healthy Paws LA provides cat & dog walking, sitting, pet cpr, first aid and other health services. Call 310-314-7745 or click for day and night boarding rates! http://www.healthypawsla.com/ Sat, 04 Apr 2020 00:23:37 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb About Healthy Paws Los Angeles | Pet Care Services & First Aid http://www.healthypawsla.com/about-healthy-paws-los-angeles-pet-care-services-a-first-aid http://www.healthypawsla.com/about-healthy-paws-los-angeles-pet-care-services-a-first-aid

About Jillian Myers and Healthy Paws

Hey there! Thanks for visiting Healthy Paws™ -- the Pet Care Experts!

Who we are...

Whether you're a pet owner, a pet care professional or just a lover of animals, Healthy Paws™ provides you with information, services, classes and products designed to assist you in creating a healthy lifestyle for your dog or cat...giving them a higher quality of life, and hence a greater quantity of life.


Why we're here...

October 29th, 2007. That was the day I lost Diego – my pet, my friend and companion. A day that forever changed my future. (Read Diego's Story)

I had always considered myself a very conscientious pet owner. I had always planned to take a pet first-aid & CPR course, but you know how it goes...life got in the way. And the unthinkable day came when Diego died in my arms after a "routine" teeth cleaning. Not one day goes by that I don't think about Diego and regret not having taken a proactive stand by learning the techniques that may have saved his life. Would I have been able to save him had I known what steps to take? I don't know. What I do know is that I would have felt confident that I had done everything I could have.

I started Healthy Paws™ with the goal of helping pet owners, pet lovers, and pet care professionals prevent, prepare for, and respond to pet health emergencies. I never want another pet owner to experience the devastating feeling of helplessness. Through our focus on pet health, our offering of services has naturally evolved to include dog walking, pet sitting and other related pet services.

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Start Your Own Animal Rescue and Save Lives! http://www.healthypawsla.com/start-your-own-animal-rescue-and-save-lives http://www.healthypawsla.com/start-your-own-animal-rescue-and-save-lives Start Your Own Animal Rescue and Save Lives!

Create Your Own Rescue CenterThinking about starting our own animal rescue organization and have no idea how to start?  Started your own rescue and not sure how to take it to the next level?  Check out the Rescue Central page of AnimalSheltering.org for an A-Z of resources.

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Meet Tilly at the West LA Shelter | Hounds Needing Homes http://www.healthypawsla.com/meet-tilly-at-the-west-la-shelter-hounds-needing-homes http://www.healthypawsla.com/meet-tilly-at-the-west-la-shelter-hounds-needing-homes

"Tilly" Waits For Her Special Person!!


Tilly's eyes reflect the sadness in her heart.  Where is my special person??  Tilly is a dog with a very unique need, but first let's get to know her.  She is a three year old spayed tan and white smooth coated Deer Head Chihuahua.  She was founds as a stray and has been at the West Angeles Animal Shelter since September 1, 2012…much too long!!

Tilly loves, loves, loves to play fetch.  She will play all day if you want.  She retrieves the tennis ball and brings it back to you to throw it again and again.  She appears to be housebroken, and she gets along with other dogs, especially small dogs.  She is initially afraid of large dogs, but once she sees that they are friendly, she is okay.  Tilly is a very smart dog, and she learns  quickly.  She loves to give kisses, especially to her favorite people.

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Los Angeles Pet Care Services | Pet Sitting | Dog Walking | Puppy Sitters | House Sitting http://www.healthypawsla.com/los-angeles-pet-care-pet-sitting-dog-walking-puppy-sitters-house-sitting http://www.healthypawsla.com/los-angeles-pet-care-pet-sitting-dog-walking-puppy-sitters-house-sitting Pet Care Services

When you're away, we love to play...with your pets!

Take the worry out of being away...Healthy Paws personalized on-site pet care assures that your beloved pet maintains a regular schedule, and is secure and happy in the comfort of his/her own home.

Full service visits can include feeding, walking, playing and exercising, dispensing medication and more...all with that personal attention your pet deserves even when you can't be there. We can also collect your mail or turn on lights, helping to safeguard your home and the security of your pet. Plus, our pet care experts are certified every year in pet emergency preparedness...more than anyone else in the industry.

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PetSaver™ Phone App | Healthy Paws http://www.healthypawsla.com/petsaver-phone-app-healthy-paws http://www.healthypawsla.com/petsaver-phone-app-healthy-paws PetSaver™ Phone Application

PetSaver™ Phone App for your pet's emergency 



The new PetTech™ PetSaver™ App is available for the Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Windows 7 phones.

It’s like having “A PetSaver in your Pocket™.” With a push of a button and a swipe of your finger you will have instant access to your pet’s health and safety.

The short video will show you some of the important features of the new PetSaver app.







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