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Healthy Paws has a few opening for new dog-walking clients in west LA!Healthy Paws Has Openings for West Los Angeles Dog Walking Clients!

Call to reserve your midday or afternoon walks today.

Is your dog tearing things up in your house while you're at work or school? Cat crapping outside the litter box cause you're never around? Does your pet have medical issues and needs meds given at a certain time? Need help with your new puppy crate training?  Got the guilts because you can't give your animal the exercise they need at the time that they need it? We can help! 

Oftentimes, behavioral problems arise because your pet isn't getting the physical or mental stimulation they crave.  Healthy Paws has a few openings for mid-day pet visits. Be sure to call us soon...these spaces will fill up soon! We'll let them out, walk them, feed them, cuddle them.  We shower them with the same love and attention you'd give if you were there. 

If you're a pet owner on the westside…Venice, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Mar Vista or Culver City… Healthy Paws loves to play when you're away!  And you can always rest assured, all Healthy Paws pet caregivers are certified in pet first aid EVERY year!  That's more than anyone else in the industry!  Just give us a call at 310-314-7745 to set up a Meet & Greet!