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Amelia is available for adoption at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter"Amelia" Is Special!

ID# A1399440

It's Amelia's beauty that will first catch your eye.  Getting to know her will be the fun part because Amelia is a very special dog.  Amelia is a 4 year old, female American Pit Bull Terrier.  She weighs 53 pounds.  Amelia was found as a stray and has been at the West Los Angeles Animals shelter since June 8, 2013.

Amelia is a smart dog who is ver responsive to direction.  She is a high energy dog, but she calms down very quickly after she has had a chance to work off some of her energy running around the yard.  She loves to be around people and a belly rub always feels good.

Amelia has done exceedingly well on her walks around the neighborhood.  She learned to walk on-leash very quickly.  The volunteer who has worked with her commented that she is very attentive and easy to handle.  After running around the yard, she was totally "chilled," according to this volunteer.  Amelia is very housebroken.  She was tested with another large dog at the shelter and did very well.  Both dogs had a wonderful time, running and playing with each other in the yard.

Amelia is waiting for her forever home.  She is a beautiful, happy, playful dog who would make a great addition to someone's family.  Check out Amelia on the ShelterMe website:  When contacting the shelter for more information about Amelia, be sure to use her ID# A1399440 as a reference.  Photo/video credit:  Debbie Fan, Twitter @blackjackbarks Amelia needs a foever home.  Can it be yours?

West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064
Phone:  310-207-3266
Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 8a-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm