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Koda is available for adoption at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter"Koda" Wants A Home!


Koda is a 4 year old, neutered male, brown and white smooth-coated Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who has been at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter since July 21, 2013.  Koda was part of a family, but they didn't want him anymore.  Now he waits and worries about whether he will ever have a home of his own again. 

Koda was described as being "sensitive to touch"; however, he did not react in a negative was when he was picked up and held.  He enjoyed being carried around the shelter.  Koda is a sweet, friendly dog who is okay with other dogs and shares space with several dogs at the shelter.

Koda has been at the shelter for a long time.  He longs for his forever home.  Please help Koda and don't let the shelter be his last home.  When contacting the shelter for more information about Koda, be sure to use his ID# A1410302 as a reference.  Photo/video credit:  Debbie Fan, Twitter @blackjackbarks

West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064
Phone:  310-207-3266
Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 8a-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm