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Report It! Campaign encourages pet food owners to report bad reactions to pet foodsReport It! Campaign from Truth About Pet Food

I love the Association for Truth About Pet Food (ATPF).  Their name says it all -- their website gives you the truth about everything pet food…from pet foot ingredients to pet food regulations, pet food reviews, pet food news and recalls.  Their purpose is to inform us pet owners about what's REALLY going on in the pet food industry so that we really know what's going on with our furry family members' food.

Now they're asking for our help!  The Association has announced a significant pet food campaign:  Report It!  The aim of the Report It! Campaign is to educate pet food consumers on where and how to report a pet food/pet treat adverse event.  In other words, if something happens to your pet as a result of eating a particular brand or flavor of pet food or pet treats, ATPF encourages you to report the event to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

As it currently stands, when something happens as a result of contaminated food or treats, most pet food consumers report pet illness or death to the manufacturer and/or retailer.  Which is most cases results in the report being swept under the rug…this means more sick/dying pets.

If your pet gets sick from a pet food/treat, ATPF states that the correct steps to take are:

  1. REPORT the illness to your veterinarian, the FDA, your State Department of Agriculture (in California, you'll report to the Department of Public Health) and the Pet Food Manufacturer,
  2. GATHER your pet's vet treatment records for FDA follow up, and
  3. SAVE the pet food and packaging.  Investigators need pet food for testing and lot numbers for identification.

For more information about the Report It! Campaign, visit the Report It! page.  You can download a printable Report It! poster.  Encourage your veterinarian, groomer, trainer, kennel, animal shelter, pet food store (every where pets are) to hang the poster in their place of business.  Reporting adverse reactions to pet foods may save someone's beloved pet's life!